Pil-Food 100 Capsules For Hair Growth

Pil-Food 100 Capsules For Hair Growth



Product Description

PilFood is a scientifically tested product thatgets to the root of the problem.Pilfood is a Swiss food supplementwith amino acids, vitamins and millet extractIt directly supplies thehair root with a well balanced combination of essential nutrients. Inorder to have strong healthy growing hair, then hair must be fed fromthe inside. Many types of hair problems originate at the hair root andso appropriate therapy must reach this area. PilFood is a completepreparation that provides the body with the essential nutrients for hairsuch as sulphurated amino acids and trace elements, however it is not asubstitute for a balanced and varied diet. Many factors influence thecondition of our hair and nails, and it is especially important withtoday's busy lifestyles that we eat a well balanced diet. Haircarefrom the inside: Hair consists of mainly keratin -a hard proteinsimilar to that of our nails. The body cannot directly absorb keratin,but we obtain amino acids (the building blocks of keratin) from ourdiet. Pilfood provides amino acids, vitamins and millet extract in adigestible form.This unique formulation has been designed to helpsafeguard levels of those nutrients vital for the healthy growth of hairand nails.

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