Persona Personal Contraceptive Test Sticks 8 Pack

Persona Personal Contraceptive Test Sticks 8 Pack



Product Description

PERSONA is a method of contraception that works in harmony with yourbody. It works by monitoring the changes in hormones (luteinisinghormone and estrogen) which control your cycle and identifies the dayswhen you are at significant risk of becoming pregnant.PERSONA consists of Test Sticks and a hand-held Monitor. The TestSticks collect hormones from your first urine of the day and processthem into information that the Monitor can read. The Monitor reads,stores and uses the information from the Test Sticks to let you knowwhether you are at risk of becoming pregnant (‘Red’ Day) or free to makelove without a contraceptive* (‘Green’ Day). Through its colouredLights and Display Screen your Monitor tells you your contraceptivestatus.

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