Durex Mutual Climax (Formerly Performax Mutual Climax) 14 Condoms

Durex Mutual Climax (Formerly Performax Mutual Climax) 14 Condoms



Product Description

Durex mutual climax. 14 condoms for a more intense experience for you both.A Condom Designed to desensitize the condom wearer without loss of sensation for the other partner.The Durex mutual climax contains 5%Benzocaine on the inside of the condom Only, so these condoms will notdecrease your partners enjoyment! A Must Have Condom for those who careabout the pleasure of your partner. • Reservoir end • Made from natural rubber latex • 100% electronically tested DurexPerformax Condoms contain a special lubricant inside the condom thathelps delay climax and prolong sexual excitement for longer lastinglovemaking. Performax Condoms are lubricated for both partners with ourstandard lubricant on the outside and our special climax controllubricant on the inside. The climax control lubricant is released bybody heat after the condom is rolled onto the penis so that the makegenitals are desensitized with virtually no loss of sensation for thepartner.

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