Dentagen Large Chews 14s

Dentagen Large Chews 14s



Product Description

Dentagen Large ChewsDentagen Chews are highly palatable dog chews to help prevent plaque formation.The special design and shape of Dentagen Chews provides mechanical cleaning right to the gum line. The chews contain RF2, which is not bactericidal and allows the natural and healthy mouth and gut flora to exist without promoting dental disease.Dentagen Chews are recommended for every other day feeding, so are conveniently packaged in one month packs. They have a low calorific value which allows minimal interruption to diet formulation for the dog.Dentagen Large Chews are designed for dogs over 8kg. For dogs under 8kg, give Dentagen Small Chews.DirectionsGive one Dentagen Chew every other day, preferably after meals.IngredientsCereal grains (corn flour), Rheum palmatum (source of RF2), minerals (phosphorus), preservatives, flavours and antioxidants: EU approved additives.AnalysisFibre 0.1%, Ash 0.8%, Moisture 19%, Carbohydrates 77%, Total Phosphorus 0.12%, 321kcal per 100g, 1360 kJ per 100g

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