CleanAural Ear Cleaner for Dogs 50ml

CleanAural Ear Cleaner for Dogs 50ml



Product Description

CleanAural Ear Cleaner for DogsCleanAural Ear Cleaner for Dogs is a specially formulated solution of organic solvents and moisturisers for the routine cleaning and removal of ear wax and debris from dogs’ ears, to maintain them in good condition.CleanAural Dog Ear Cleaner is an extremely effective ear cleaner for regular use in acute, recurrent and chronic otitis externa. It won’t compromise antimicrobial activity when used with Canaural, and with a pH of 6.5, it won’t inhibt the activity of topical antimicrobials either.Regular cleaning of your dog’s ears can help prevent a build up of wax and debris and avoid subsequent problems.DirectionsPlace the tip of the nozzle in the upper part of the ear canal. Gently squeeze the bottle. Apply CleanAural liberally into each ear canal. Gently massage the outside of the ear canal, before allowing the dog to shake its head. Finally wipe away any visible dirt and ear wax with cotton wool. If the ears are very dirty repeat the application. CleanAural may be applied once or twice a week or as directed by your veterinary surgeon. Always seek a veterinary surgeons advice if the dogs ear is painful or if the production of wax has increased.

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