Brilliant Tooth Whitening 1 Week Complete Kit

Brilliant Tooth Whitening 1 Week Complete Kit



Product Description

1 Week ToothWhitening KitBest for:People who are new to teeth-whitening who want to try the Brilliant system before buying the bigger kit. Thethree mini tubes provide all you need for a one-week trial, enough timeto leave your smile looking up to three shades lighter.: Cue Chlorine Dioxide, the super-cleaning ingredient found in Brilliant'sGentle Formula. When the Accelerator and Whitening Gel mix together,the resulting Chlorine Dioxide gently lifts away the stains to revealwhiter teeth without running the risk of damaging the surface enamel ofyour teeth or your delicate gums. Brilliant!: While a trip to the dentist’s chair can be expensive, at-homeformulas are often ineffective, as legally they can only use a maximumof 0.1% peroxide – too small an amount to cause any damage, but also toominute to effectively remove stains. This is why Brilliantstands out from the crowd, using an alternative whitening technology that deliversimpressive results, gently and effectively, and without the hefty pricetag.

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