0.5ml Caninsulin Syringe U-40

0.5ml Caninsulin Syringe U-40



Product Description

0.5ml Caninsulin Syringe U-40 are only suitable for use with Caninsulin. Caninsulin is an intermediate acting insulin product that contains porcine insulin. It is usually used along with Caninsulin Syringes 0.5ml for treating diabetes mellitus, or insulin deficiency, in cats and dogs when required blood levels are achieved through using individually adjusted doses of caninsulin. Each 0.5ml Caninsulin Syringe U-40 is individually packaged for your convenience as well as hygiene purposes. Caninsulin Syringes 0.5ml are suitable for using on cats and dogs. It has a 29g x 1/2′ fixed needle

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